Stefanini's research on CO2 emission in pupils' families - n.2


We are students of the 1st L, we concerned with the greenhouse effect with our teacher  Scotto di Clemente. We have tried to find some rules that help us to stay together better.

In the last years, the men deforest a lot to get land on which the farmers cultivate plants to obtain bio-fuel that then will produce CO2.

The deforestation does not help the Earth because the plants absorb a lot of carbon dioxide.

And what happens if the plants are burned?
It happens that the fire releases the carbon dioxide absorbed with the photosynthesis.

Besides if you deforest in an exaggerated way it takes a long time because new forests grow up.

Another problem is the waste of energy.

We will examine the use of washing machine and dishwasher: if you must wash a shirt or a dish it is better if you don’t use the washing machine or the dishwasher, and do it by hand because it is a huge waste of energy.

A good rule to use these electric household appliances is to use them with a full load.

The waste collection is a duty for all because in this way you can recycle various materials, besides the packaging of the things, that we buy, pollute the environment because it is a continuous waste of materials for which we consumed a lot of energy and therefore a lot of CO2 was produced.

Using alternative sources is useful because for example with solar panels we can produce electricity without CO2 emissions. This is a good solution for the mediterranean countries, while for the countries of North Europe could be used the wind.

For transport it would be better to use public transport or bike because the bus consumes less gasoline per person than the private car and this means less air pollution.
The bicycle does not pollute and it is good for your health, especially in our area of plain.
The last thing that you could limit is the consumption of water: for example you do not have to stay an hour under the water and then put the soap or while you put the soap does not need to leave the tap open and the same goes for cleaning of the teeth, because it wastes liters and liters of water a day and drinking water would end up not surviving.

Federico, Sebastiano, Josuè, Alex - image by Tommaso