Stefanini's research on CO2 emission in pupils' families - n.1


We are students of the 1st L, we concerned with the greenhouse effect with our teacher  Scotto di Clemente.

We have tried to find some rules that help us stay together better.

We present some rules for the "good consumer" and low emissions of CO2 "good country".

1.      We recommend to drink tap water, to stay under the shower less time, to use less hot water.

2.      When using the washing machine and dishwasher use it at full load and low temperature.

3.      Who builds power plants for electricity production has to build in order to use renewable energy: hydro, solar,wind ..

4.      Action for collection of waste materials to recover the high content of CO2 emissions such as aluminium, steel, glass and plastic and to avoid accumulation of waste in landfills where it creates methane, which is dispersed in the air

5.      We must not watch the TV, computer, etc. for a lot of time

6.      Turn off the lights when you are not in the rooms

7.      Use sparingly in winter heating and air conditioning in summer.

8.      Buying a LPG or methane car and more particularly go by foot or by bike or by public transportation

9.      Reduce deforestation and grow new forests.

When you can, follow these rules!


Alessia, Matilde, Camilla, Agnese - image by Alex S.