The path of our project




Dynamic Geometry and Cabri (Stefanini)
How to prepare an interactive scientific exhibition in the school (Coletti)
Mathematics, Science and ICT in Estonia
Science: hands–on activities (Stefanini)
The Platonic solids (Coletti) The Green School (Kornelowka school)
Algebra: Try and error (Stefanini) - Integer Numbers (1st Gymnasium)
Teaching Science: some reflections (Coletti)
Squares and Rectangules (Kornelowka school) Acid rains (Coletti)
Finding Mathematics in Nature and in the Real World (Coletti) Acid rains (Kornelowka school)
Integrating Mathematics and Science (Türy Gymnasium) Science Lab: "natural" cells (Stefanini)
Integrating Mathematics and Science: plan a garden A cross-curriculum topic: "Health" (Türy Gymnasium)
Physics and Mathematics in New Technologies (Volos University) CO2 emissions in Europe: a common inquiry on emissions in the families
Geometric Transformations (Coletti) CO2 in Coletti school
Figurate numbers: Stefanini - 1st Gymnasium CO2 in Stefanini school
Mathematics, some students works: Stefanini - 1st Gymnasium Treviso - Trikala: Video Conference
Dynamic Geometry (Stefanini and Coletti): a cooperative work on Logo Science and Mathematics in Türy Gymnasium

Mathematics and Physics, Galileo in the Italian schools:

Greenhouse effect in Türi Gymnasium

Greenhouse effect in 1st Gymnasium


The Coletti's exhibits: