Interactivity among  Mathematics and Science- Art - Technology

During the 6th century B.C., Literature, Art and Philosophy were developed in Ancient Greece. The next stage was the development of Mathematics:

Thales  having acquired a lot of experiences and knowledge during his trips to the Orient, teaches Geometry in Miletus. He is credited with five theorems of elementary geometry.
Pythagoras having been fond of music invented the fractions.

During the Alexandrian period Astronomy, Geography, Physical Technology were developed. At this period great mathematicians such as Euclid, Archimedes, Hipparchus, Claudius Ptolemy, Heron, etc… were distinguished. They have been using physical-technical meanings in order to prove mathematical theorems.

Hipparchus creates the Trigonometry by making measurements over the planets’ orbits. He compiled an early example of trigonometric tables and gave methods for solving spherical triangles.

Heron or Hero of Alexandria was an important geometer and worker in mechanics who invented many machines ncluding a steam turbine. His best known mathematical work is the formula for the area of a triangle in terms of the lengths of its sides.

Lots of technologists turned out  to be mathematicians.

Despite the obstacles provided by Astrology and Religionism, many other people like the Chinese, the Indians, the Native Americans, the Arabs whenever their civilizations were prosperous they provided a great development in Mathematics too.

In Europe the development of Art, Technology and Science begins in the 15th century. Rennaisance begins in the Italian towns by the sea which were improved economi-cally and spiritually.

Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian artist and scholar who had many talents in addition to his painting. He worked on mechanics, though geometry was his main love.

He was involved in hydrodynamics, anatomy, mechanics, mathematics and optics.

The famous painter Michelangelo uses in his paintings the relationship .

The famous physicist and mathematician Galileo from Florence, studied the physical  phenomena, and enriched them with mathematical equations.

The impact of Physics, Astronomy and Science in Mathematics was accomplished by many scientists i.e.

Kepler, Newton, Descartes (he invented Analytical Geometry).

Some applications of Technology that promote the mathematical thought are:

  1. The invention of the steam engine and many applications of electricity by Watt
  2. Volta and Faraday enrich mathematics with new sections such as Analysis and  Differential Equations
  3. The couple Curie accomplished the fission of the atom

Consequently, there is an interaction and a coherence among Science, Art and Technology.

The upper goal was the development of Civilization and Financial Prosperity.


Letha Desikou ( Λήδα Δεσίκου)
Elsa Diamanti (Έλσα Διαμάντη) - Trikala students

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