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Dynamic Geometry

The geometric image of the world: a cooperative work with Logo Software


Children recognize spontaneously geometric objects in the real world and refer to them with natural language expressions, but the common sense ideas are very different  from the mathematical concepts. 

This article presents geometric activities, designed for pupils in the 11-14 age range, where Logo is integrated with other software (Cabri II Plus, a basic CAD, a graphics package) and with explorations into the real world.  

Our work has a double aim: to keep the children curiosity and interest alive, because without motivation there is not effective learning, and to provide a variety of environments suitable to help pupils transform their intuitive notions into more precise and formal ideas about geometric properties and mathematical concepts in general.

The historical dimension played an important role in planning these experiences.

Playing with Integer Numbers

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Geometry with Cabri, some examples:

From the site: MATHGUIDE


Image from Türi Gymnasium