Lesson Plan Title: The SafeClimate CO2 Calculator

Concept / Topic To Teach:
Calculation of CO2 pollution

Standards Addressed:
 2nd-3rd Grade of Gymnasium (Age: 13-14)

Educational needs:
The students need to know how much carbon dioxide emissions contribute to the air pollution.

Knowledge Background of the students:
Basic knowledge of using Computers. Knowledge of the CO2 consequences in the atmosphere.

General Goal(s):
The SafeClimate carbon footprint calculator allows students to determine carbon dioxide emissions from major sources: home energy consumption and transportation by car and plane.

Specific Objectives:
By the end of the activity, students will be able to:

  • View and save the results so they can track their emission progress over time
  • Suggest solutions that will contribute to the decrease of CO2 pollution

Teaching Strategies:
Lecture, discussion, demonstration of CO2 calculator program, search of home energy consumption bills.

Time scheduling:
Lesson duration: 2 semester hours
1st hour: Subject orientation. Lecture 20 minutes, discussion 15 minutes, program demonstration 10 minutes
2nd hour: Activity performance using computers. Results’ discussion. Graphs making. Recapitulation.

Required Materials:
Computers with access to Internet, Worksheet provided by the teacher

Step-By-Step Procedures:
1st semester hour

  • Subject Orientation: At this teaching phase the teacher informs the students about the subject goals by a short lecture.
  • The teacher shows the students how the SafeClimate CO2 calculator works
  • Worksheets are given to the students and after a short discussion the students fill them in .

2nd semester hour

  • Students work in pairs and fill in the calculator program on line.
  • The arising results will be discussed and implemented.
Possible Connections To Other Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Maths