Lesson Plan Title: The SafeClimate CO2 Calculator


Topic:  CO2 calculator

            Calculating CO2 contamination

 Level: students of the age 14 – 15

 Topic:  students know the basic causes for CO2 (transportation, home energy consumpiton)

 Required knowledge: knows how to use a computer (Excel, Internet), knows the effects of CO2 to the enviroment

 Goal:   The CO2 calculator help students to the amount of CO2 which  is produced when using electronies at home, transportation, heating.

 Specific goals: by the end of the activity students:

  • can analyse and save the results in such a way that they can be used again and the amount of CO2 can be resulta
  • offer solutions for reducing the CO2 calculator

 Methods:        lecture, discussion, using the CO2 calculator

 Time and managment:

The topic invoves 2 lessons and preparation


Students find out the following:

  1. how much electricity is use per month per household
  2. how many km per month are travelled by a means of transportation
  3. how high is the usage of petrol (l per km)
  4. what hind of energy is used to heat the household (how much is use in average per month)

 Lesson 1           introducing the topic, 15 min  lecture, 20 min discussion, the demonstration of the CO2 calculator

 Lesson 2           activities in the  computer lab – using the CO2 calculator,  analysing the results, discussion, mahing charts, finding solutions

 Necessary means:     computers with the access to Internet, handouts, electricity bills