Classes:  2° E and 2° G
Teachers:  Rossella Bettiol, Sandra Turra, Valeria Roma
Time: about 12 hours


1. Global warming and greenhouse effect

  • What the greenhouse effect is
  • The natural greenhouse effect and the human contribution
  • The evidence for climate change and
  • The consequences


  • Al Gore’s film “An inconvenient truth"
  • Articles from scientific magazines and Science in school
  • Internet sites

2. The inquiry about the climate change



3. Our carbon footprint

  • Collection of data about yearly energy consumption in each family, by reading electricity and gas bill and valuating the fuel consumption for transportation
  • Calculation of individual carbon footprint by using a CO2 calculator


4. What can we do?

  • Internet research to know the impact of each action on the CO2  emissions
  • Pupils have found out that with little efforts each family (four people) could reduce up to 2000 CO2 kg/year
  • Compilation of a list of good behaviours, efforts to put good behaviour into practice, initiatives to raise the environmental awareness  of students and their families, compilation of a list of actions that governments and local communities should take to reduce the emissions

5. Lab experiments

  1. Combustion and respiration produce CO2
  2. Use of a CO2 sensor