This is the history of King "Laurin": the dwarf king who wanted to decorate the entrance to his kingdom with a splendid roses garden called "Rosengarten" which gave its name to the Catinaccio, a Dolomite mountain near Bolzano e Fassa Valley, in the North of Italy.

When the sun floods the Dolomites with marvellous colours they are always capable of filling us with wonder and emotion.

This phenomenon takes the name of "Enrosadira" as it is said that the Dolomites take on the hues of King Laurin's splendid roses.

The Dolomites are not only full of immense natural beauty, but also conceal many other evocative and mysterious secrets in legends and fantastic tales rich in extraordinary creatures created by the imagination of all those who have spent their whole lives in these places, loving, venerating and at the same time fearing the greatness of the nature surrounding them.

The legends of the Dolomites are an integral part of the cultural heritage of the Ladin population and have been handed down until today thanks to a strong and deeply-rooted oral tradition.



Laurin's legend
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