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Programmazione dell'attività

Questa attività è stata realizzata all'interno di uno dei laboratori previsti dalla struttura del tempo prolungato. La classe viene divisa in due gruppi che a rotazione quadrimestrale seguono i due diversi laboratori.

Questo laboratorio, di area tecnico - scientifica, affronta due ambiti didattici: uno di tipo informatico (ITC) e uno di tipo scientifico (educazione alimentare) che fornisce i dati da sviluppare nel percorso informatico.

Il percorso complessivo è finalizzato alla partecipazione all'iniziativa europea "European young consumer competition".

The project

The project team is formed by an italian class (the first class of the lower secondary school) with the teacher of Science. We have two different groups (the first group from october to february, the second group from march to june) that work in two laboratories: the scientific laboratory and the ITC laboratory. Every group work three hours in every week, sometimes in the science lab, sometimes in the ITC lab.

Our project: we searched to know some different aspects of a good food education. First: what are the good rules of the nutrition? Second: what can we do to have a good nutrition? Third: what is there in our country and our historical customs about a good nutrition?

This path need some reliable informations (for examples from scientific journals, web sites of well known organizations..), some direct experiences of food preparations (so the students can study and work with carbohydrates, animal or vegetables fats and so on... and they can taste their preparations), some family interviews (expecially about the foods of special days....) and then some research around some our traditional foods (inside the Mediterranean diet).

The process

We think that a good food education is a complex process where it isn't important only a right diet (with all the nutritional problems) but it is very important to consider the cultural aspects of eating.

We think that many problems of young people about foods (like anorexia, bulimia....) have to do with these cultural questions.

Since the man isn't a simple organism that is able to attack foods with enzymatic secretions in the processes of digestion and absorption, our process wants to intervene on many different questions.

For examples it's sad that usually the people pay attention to foods only in the holidays time or other parties. The food of working days is quickly, or simple, often without taste. So we called our project "mangiare è una festa" (in English "eating is a treat"...), because a good dietary habits starts from a good relationship with foods, expecially in young people.

In the first time the pupils have to understand:

  • because we eat;
  • that different dietary habits exist;
  • from where arrive their dietary habits;
  • their family dietary habits (the regional differences are very important in Italy, especially for the holiday times)

In the second time the pupils have to study some rules of a good dietary habits, but since they live in a complex society the school has to teach how they have to analise many media messages from TV, advertising campaign and so on..

In the third time the pupils have to learn to work in the kitchen; so they will be able to know the food ingredients, they will be able to measur weights, volumes, temperatures that need to realize some foods and then they eat them!

In the fourth time the pupils have to explaine to other children the concepts that they studied. In this stage they learn to use ITC lab and they study how it is possible to explain something to other people.

We have built a simple web site with some pages of informations, some pages about our process, some pages of interactive games or item quizzes in which other pupils have to reflect upon some of these questions.

In this stage the pupils work in couple so one helps the other.
It is very important the organization of the web site: this is a good exercise of logic because the teacher have to teach how the web site will be structured ( with a discussion about what parts, chapters, links.....) before to begin it. Only some techical parts were built by the teacher (some videos, javascript).

Contexts: this work is published in the web site of our school. Our school has 350 pupils, approximately.In june we'll present it to all the parents of pupils. In that days the pupils will explain their works and their process to this pubblic!

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